Professional Networking

The X2 Conference prides itself on being the alternative choice for forwarders in the know. Yes, we take it to the edge. Yes, we don’t stick to the rules. Yes, we always reach another level. But, business comes first, and always will. This year will see the most diverse cross-section of the global freight forwarding community coming together for industry leading discussions, meetings, negotiations, and keynote addresses. Our hand built meeting planner allows you to target the partners you want and deliver more targeted sessions for your business than anyone else. Our focus on ensuring that we connect you to the right people, and only the right people, is stronger than ever, and we are adjusting the metrics of the planning system to your benefit. X2 2021 will deliver the right business solutions for you.

“This year was the most impressive conference that I have atteneded in my Forwarder life.
All the members were there for business and fun and this is the best way to network. Mix business and fun”

Marco Muggianu , (EAS International)

“It was a very good decision! Great atmosphere, perfect organization and good balance between professional and unofficial meetings and relaxation time made us established valuable contacts and quickly built relationships with many partners. In one word – impressive. Personally for me – X2 is unique. It’s the perfect environment for gaining development opportunities for the company. I cannot wait for the next Conference.”

Krzysztof Puchta , (PEKAES Sp. z o.o.)

Alternative Professional Networking

X2 Conferences are focused on forming and reinforcing strong professional bonds between members.

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