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Tips in bettering your networking experience

When operating in an extremely competitive market such as freight forwarding having reliable
partners from around the world plays a huge role in increasing business and taking your
company to that next step we all work towards. This is where attending business networking
events with like-minded individuals needs to be a constant activity.

Networking takes time, effort and skills. Choosing the right events to attend and making the
most of them can be one of the most valuable strategies a company can implement in terms of
return and not just financial return but also providing you with many new learnings and

Everyone has their own style of networking and building relationships with partners but at the
end of the day it can be narrowed down to a few points that establishes the base of effective
and professional networking.

Here are some tips helping you and your company to improve your networking abilities:

Attend the right events

Attending the wrong event is a common mistake many freight forwarder make. Taking part in
these types of events is a big investment where costs can be high due to travelling expenses. It
is so important to carefully define the best suited event for your company to ensure positive
results and a return on your investment.

Carefully select events that can provide you with the right opportunities to take your company to
the next level. Think in the long term and ask yourself, will attending the event and meeting with
these specific agents benefit your company in the future.

Let everyone know what event you will be attending

Make use of free marketing tools to create awareness that your company will be attending an
event months before the event begins. Social media, personalized email signatures as well as
advertising on your company website are just a few examples that can be implemented in
creating this awareness.

Update all communication channels

Before attending an event and meeting new potential partners from all around the world check
that all your communication channels are updated. Website, social networks, email signature
and other possible points of contact should contain your email address, phone number and
necessary company information.

Preparation before the event

Not doing your homework before you meet with new potential partners is one of the biggest let
downs when attending networking events. Make sure that you are prepared the best you can to
ensure that no time is wasted and each meeting is effective and valuable to your company.
To avoid this:
• Make sure you are aware of who you are meeting with.

  •  Conduct research about their company.
  •  Outline the key aspects of the services they provide
  •  Define what kind of business you should discuss during the meeting.

Remember to introduce your company in a way that catches their attention and shows that you
are completely confident about what your company does are capable of doing, be prepared to
answer any question they might have.

Connect with the right freight forwarders at the event

Many freight forwarders join big logistics networks that do not make any kind of analysis and let
any freight forwarder join the network, so it does not make any difference than searching for
agents on different online platforms. This kind of information and knowledge about the network
and the members within a network is crucial if you want your business to thrive and make an
return on your invest in joining your desired network.

In order to make sure you are meeting reliable freight forwarders, you must find a logistics
network that makes a strict certification and gets an indication and references from other
reliable members in order to get in the network, like X2 Logistic Networks does with all its

Create new meaningful relationships

Don’t be scared to branch out and meet new agents. Don’t limit yourself to socializing with the
partners you know or have meet at previous events that you have attended. It is important to
make the most of the event, introduce yourself to as many people as you can- create yourself
new opportunities by being confident, friendly and professional.

Networking events are important in getting yourself out there meeting new people, building long
lasting relationships and expanding your agent list. Make the most of your investment and
network to the best of your ability.

Always have your marketing material with you

With agents having a number of meetings at the event making it nearly impossible to remember
what services your company has to offer, this is why providing the agents you meet with
marketing materiel is so important.

Give the agents you meet with your company brochure, company presentations and
promotional gifts but most importantly exchange business cards.

Create something that will catch the attention of other agents, making your company
memorable to them, thus increasing your chances of business generation and building a long
term relationship.

Keep in contact with fellow members

Once you have met and built a stable relationship with many worldwide freight forwarders it is
important to maintain that relationship and to not loose contact with them even if you are not
exchanging business.

Creating a good relationship must not be limited to just a good business relationship but must
be taken to the next level of creating a personal relationship. Get to know the person, build trust,
respect and loyalty between each other.

Conduct constructive follow-ups

Don’t think that after the event your work is done, it is only the foundation and starting point of a
long process in building a business reciprocating relationship. This is where the follow- up
process comes into play and is so important in ensuring that attending the event was not a
waste of time and to make the return on your investment.

Keep in touch with agents you met with and don’t let your company be forgotten, even if there is
not business transactions going on keep building the relationship ensuring business will happen
in the future.

Now that you know how to avoid these mistakes, you should be ready to have an outstanding to
better your performance in your next networking opportunities! Increase your agents list
worldwide and most importantly make friends who will reciprocate business.

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